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Whether you’re in a Condominium / Homeowner Association, enjoying the Summer cabin that is vacant in the off season, investing in a rental property for the first time, or you’re an experienced investor who is growing a successful portfolio of properties, you will some help with the rental, leasing, management, and maintenance of those property(ies). 

Who should you partner with? 

You have a lot of choices, and we’d like to recommend our expert team at 1513 Property Management.  We’re a veteran-owned local property management company committed to improving profits for our owners, increasing the quality of life for tenants, and providing a better and more desirable housing experience thereby enhancing the value of properties we manage.

There are several good reasons to work with us. Today, we’re highlighting a few of the best reasons that rental owners should work with 1513 Property Management. These are some of the qualities that set us apart from other companies in our market. 

We Prioritize Communication and Responsiveness 

At 1513 Property Management, everything starts with excellent communication. We have seen conflicts and disputes arise that are simply the cause of poor communication. We want to avoid all that, and we make sure that we’re available, accessible, and responsive when needed. 

The way we communicate is clear and direct. There’s no second-guessing what we say. When we meet with our owners, we discuss the unique needs of their rental properties. We create customized and flexible management plans that will solve problems and create better experiences for everyone. When we get together with customers we share our expectations and we’re clear about responsibilities.  All concerned know what to expect in terms of maintenance request fulfillment, processes for communication with owners, respective association boards, tenants and all existing/potential service provider stakeholders.   Our goal is to partner with our customers to gain and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.  

It’s frustrating not to get a call back. It’s irritating not to have a message returned especially when maintenance or service is needed.  We’re busy managing properties, but we’re always available to answer your questions and talk through your problems. You won’t be left hanging, and we’ll always follow up to make sure you’re satisfied with the way we’re working on your behalf. 

Good communication leads to trust, and we know it takes a lot to trust us with the management of your valuable assets. We earn that trust from the day we meet until the day we part

Financial Transparency in Property Management 

We have heard stories about owners not knowing why they were charged for certain maintenance items.  We’ve heard stories about property management companies negotiating one price with a contractor and charging another price to the customer. We know it’s frustrating not to get a monthly accounting report or to have your tenant pay rent late. 

Financial transparency is important to us when we manage your property. We understand that we’re managing more than just a property – we’re managing your money. You’ll always have a clear vision of what’s being earned and what’s being spent. You’ll have oversight and control over all charges deducted from your financial earnings every month. We will never spend your money without getting approval from you first. 

As previously mentioned, we value your trust. Our property management team can be trusted to be smart, honest, and transparent stewards of your finances. We’ll help you earn more and spend less, ensuring that you see our value through our services. 

Leverage Our Property Management Systems 

We know the property management industry and we know the rental market. This allows us to create and consistently improve upon the management systems we have in place.  Two ways to realize the value we bring is to take advantage of our financial acumen and our responsive maintenance services: 

  • Financial Acumen 

We understand that knowing what you have and will need is important.  Most significantly we work with all shareholders management to develop all-encompassing budgets that not only accurately reflect recurring operating expenses but our expertise enables those budgets to reliably anticipate and plan for future capital improvements.  The results are clear expectations of the financial income and dues that are just enough to comprehensively meet long term needs.  Owners inherit transparency to clearly see what they are paying for and, most importantly, their financial resources are being managed well – not paying more than needed.   

  • Responsive Maintenance Services

Maintenance is not always fun to think about because it usually comes with high costs. Not when you work with us. We can’t do much about the cost of materials and supplies, but we can negotiate with our preferred network of vendors and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. We also keep your costs down by prioritizing preventative services, which cuts down on those expensive emergencies. We protect the condition of your rental investment with ongoing inspections and excellent tenant relationships when desired. We’ll respond to all maintenance requests in a timely manner, get prior approval before hiring contractors, and keep you informed along the way. 

At 1513 Property Management, we care about your property. We care about your success and we care about your financial welfare. It’s easy to feel lost in a huge corporate complex when you work with a large firm where no one knows your name. It’s not like that here. We are serious about serving our clients and our tenants, and we strive for 100 percent transparency when we manage your home. We’ve found this is the best way to maximize your income and minimize your expenses. 

Talk to ManagerLet’s talk about working together. When you’re looking for a community-driven property management partner who will make a difference in your property management experience, contact us at 1513 Property Management. We lease, manage, and maintain the property you own or your rental property(ies) just like it was ours throughout Wisconsin. We’d love to tell you more about why we’re the best choice for you.